Monday, July 5, 2010

[L4D on L4D2] [No Mercy Modified FINAL VERSION by 1SG.Heartless]

This is a version of the first L4D campaign "No Mercy", modified for play in L4D2. This campaign has been ported by 1SG.Heartless, to play with others online with these maps visit our main project page for download links & join our Steam Group!

I am using some custom models, you can download them as a pack on my blog (look for Police_Swat_survivors.rar). They are originally ported from MW2 to L4D2 by MrLanky, and re-skinned to black by Kostas.

I am also using a mod for "Improved Blood Textures", download link also at my blog.

Music is by Autechre!


  1. Police Swat survivors link is broken: