Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[L4D2] [MP5 Weapon] [MOD in progress by 1SG_Heartless] [Client side only]

Weapon is from Counter Strike: Source (CSS)

The German version of L4D2 includes all CSS weapons to compensate for lack of gore fx, so inevitably this will be modded for use by anyone. Also this opens the door to importing custom weapons into Left 4 Dead 2.


This is the first beta release for this custom survival l4d2 map, but I figured "what the hell, lets youtube this."
Download & more information here!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is on Easy mode for the purposes of demonstration. This is also my first playthrough, so luckily the design of these maps was user-friendly enough to not confuse me too much. :] I was very happy to see the inclusion of the knife!

Great campaign with unique events!
Download & more Information here!

Custom Zoey mod (and other original L4D1 survivor) mod can be downloaded here!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

[L4D on L4D2] [No Mercy Original V5 on Left 4 Dead 2] [SPEED EDIT]

This is on Easy Mode for the purposes of demonstration. Sorry for the fullscreen appearance, I still use an old CRT monitor (not a widescreen.) This is L4D1 map "No Mercy" with little alterations, yet made playable in L4D2. Also, I am using a custom ported Zoey model. Unfortunately there is no Zoey sounds to replace Rochelle's voice overs.

Download the campaigns, models and get more information at the following:
L4D on L4D2
(I maintain this website)

Join the steam group here.

[L4D2] [Arena Of The Dead V2] [CUSTOM CAMPAIGN] [SPEED EDIT]

This is a fun custom Campaign (4 maps).
Download & more Information here!

[L4D2] [The Palace V2] [SURVIVAL] [SPEED EDIT]

This is a Survival/Scavange Mode map.
Download & more Information here!

[L4D2] [Left 4 Doom map E1M7 remake for Left 4 Dead 2] [SPEED EDIT]

This is an old Doom map remade for Left 4 Dead 2 (PC only). I loved Doom in my teens and here you can witness how I've completely forgotten and had to re-learn this ancient map. I had a fun time exploring the old textured corridors!

This is on Easy mode for the purpose of demonstration.

Get the map here!

---------------------------------------- -
Additional mods (L4D1 Survivor Models Zoey & Francis made by BirdsOnMyBack) can be downloaded here!
Installation consists of extracting the .vpk file into your addons directory. :]