Friday, August 26, 2011

GTA IV - Short Stories of Survival Zombie Horror - Machinima + Links to MOD downloads!

"Short Stories of Survival Zombie Horror" is a new GTA IV Machinima webseries I am creating for fun and for the love of both the "Zombie Apocalypse" and the crazy customizable world of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Rather than traditional "episodes" and for the sake of my own short attention span, this series will vary in lengths and release, but expect something every few days, if time permits!

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So you want to trick out your PC copy of GTA IV? Check out these recommended Modifications (Zombie MODs included in the list!)..


Always run your game with "\Steam\SteamApps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV\LaunchGTAIV.exe"

Some mods require the latest GTA IV .NET script Hook in addition to the ASI loader (I recommended Yet Another ASI Loader)

Some MODS (i.e. "Zombocalypse" & any other reskin/texture replacement) require the use of an editing program called OpenIV

For advanced players who want to get the best, and newest texture mods, visit this Forum thread: GTA IV Texture Overhaul Thread

Now to the essentials for modding GTA IV PATCH 7!
Regarding texture replacements, install in the order I have listed!
  • InGame Trainer - Change time/weather/Teleport around/God Mode and a whole lot of other great options with a configurable ini for you advanced users out there.

  • To enhance your graphics for patch7, I recommend using RealityIV 1.62 by DKTronics70 - I also highly recommended using this with RealityIV, injectSMAA - Antialiasing in GTA IV / EFLC. Neither of these enhancements require ENB (which doesn't run well with Patch7) and using both of these have improved my average FPS.

  • GTA IV Ultimate Textures - (4.37 GB!) - This will replace tons of textures in GTA IV, bringing out the detail.

  • RealizmIV - This is a large download as well, but when its done, be sure to create a new folder on your desktop to install this mod too otherwise it will replace some files and break your game. After it's installed into a temp area, go to the "pc\models" folder and copy over the vehicles.img file to your real install location! The other textures won't be needed thanks to the above "Ultimate Textures" pack (which is better).

  • Tweak ALL the Peds MOD - This will visually enhance all the pedestrians in GTA IV! You do not need to use OpenIV, this file is ready to go.

  • TreesModIV Nice textures for the trees in Liberty City!

  • Trafficload - This script-mod will fix a bug where sometimes too many Taxi's are everywhere, while also diversifying the cars that show up around you.

  • Blood Tweak v1 - Nice blood FX!

  • More Liberty City V3 - This increases the amount of pedestrians that are outside populating the world of GTA IV.

  • No Watermark MOD - Great for your edited clips captured for youtube; this removes the "Rockstar SocialClub" watermark.

  • No Intro Logos - Load your game up quicker by removing the Rockstar logos from the start of the game.

  • Zombocalypse
    - zombie skins for the pedestrians in GTA IV. Goes VERY WELL with any GTA IV zombie script-mod. Skins are made by MrSnaztastic (visit his youtube page!) You will need OpenIV to install the skins. Goes great with the "Tweak ALL the Peds" mod mentioned above!

  • Left 4 Liberty Infection by motorsport71 (visit his youtube page!) - Fantastic zombie scriptmod for (the best in fact) with a lot of great features like slow/fast zombie toggle, vehicle destruction aka random explosions in the city, fire bullets, you can call in 3 survivors for backup, & more!

  • MOD Pack (by Hippiecommunist) - in this mod pack is the best instant zombie apocalypse you could ask for. Press F9 and suddenly hordes of the undead will come after you, you being the only survivor left. The zombies moan in this mod as well as in Left 4 Liberty Infection!

  • Triple Pedestrian Amount

  • Violent Pedestrians in EFLC
  • Custom Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor Model Downloads

  • Download my L4D (1&2) autoexec config
    ("F9" Toggles 3RD Person Modes)

  • I am no longer able to host downloads for the mods, however most can still be downloaded from MrLanky's website or from L4DMaps