Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cursor Miner, "War Machine" Unofficial Fan Music Video by ubtri [Created with PC game GTA IV]

The song is by Cursor Miner, called "War Machine", from his album "Cursor Miner Plays God". He's a great artist & is known for making some great remixes for other artists (my favorite being his Nautilis remix)


My GTA IV is updated with Patch 7.
I use the following mods (remember: always run your game with "LaunchGTAIV.exe", not within Steam):

  • Yet Another ASI Loader

  • InGame Trainer

  • RealityIV v2 1.41, for updated versions get them from this Youtube user, DKTronics70 (Mod creator)

  • RealizmIV (Vehicle Replacements only)

  • TreeModIV

  • Exaggerated blood v1.16
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