Friday, June 18, 2010

[L4D2] [MrLanky Survivor Model Replacements]

Just a sample of the dozens of models ported by MrLanky that I am hosting here on my blog!

Particular models used:
Coach_Salem, Ellis_Splinter, Nick_MrFoster, & Rochelle_DJSkully

He continues to work with the community taking requests for even more model ports!

Leave him a request here!


  1. I wanted to put in a request for GTA IV Nico Bellic :)

  2. I still haven't got my request, but here's a reminder to Cupcake for mine. :)

    "Hey Cupcake, just to make your life easier, here are the models for Soap (replace Nick) and Ghost (replace Ellis) (as long as the other COD NPCs).

    The models that I want is in the third row, first two on the left.

    Much appreciated Cupcake. :D"

  3. Hello Cupcake, could you make these a resident evil Rebeca, to replace rochelle ? RE megapack ( possibly with ada wong inside) With rebecca

  4. Hey Cupcake
    can you replace coach to wesker
    but the wesker of RE1
    with the S.T.A.R.S Costume
    and replace Nick with Chris of RE1 Too ?
    I appreciate very much your work
    Sorry for my bad english =/

  5. historia, there's no sense using the Re 1 chris, if there's already a Chris here, with de S.T.A.R.S costume

  6. Cupcake, can i post a pack with your models at, but these models aren't model replacements, they are some server side characters.

  7. It's Possible to replace tank
    to this nemesis

  8. @giovanni....sure, go right ahead. :)

  9. @gamezface...i think it might work with a little modification...what's the link to the model?

  10. or change coach to Carlos Oliveira ? From RE3 ?

  11. @Cupcake ... Sorry I did not found Link of that Model =/
    i was searching
    and i just found This Pic D=

  12. cupcake, could you make some survivor/infected replacements using these models ?

  13. I've found nemesis Here '-'

  14. Cupcake could you make this one a replacement for rochelle ?

  15. Can you replace Ellis To Zero ? (From Megaman X)
    And Rochelle to Ayane(with the purple hair and black clothes)
    i had found this mod
    but someone has deleted
    hey Historia
    the wesker with the S.T.A.R.S costume Link

  16. This is turning to more of a RE project, now that the RE-nerds took over this page.

  17. @toxic.....LOL!! u are sooooo right! lol!

  18. Loool I agree, sorry about the RE requests and all, but it's just so rad having RE characters in L4d :P

  19. sorry about the RE requests ²

  20. lol no problem :)
    btw will be uploading a few more models in the next couple of days, and a few random fixes after that.

  21. It's funny also, because I am not at all an RE fan... Geist on the GameCube was a way cooler game!! :P

  22. FEMALE COMBINE (replaces rochelle)

    CITIZEN 01 (replaces coach with the citizen01 model. shoulders still need a little tweaking)

    CITIZEN 07 (replaces ellis with the citizen07 model. shoulders still need a little tweaking)

    CITIZEN 08 (replaces nick with the citizen08 model. shoulders still need a little tweaking)

    GOKU BETA(replaces ellis with goku from dragonball z, neat!)

  23. JILLRE3 FIX (should fix the stray armpit issue; also fine tuned the other weights a little more)

  24. @cupcake I just found billy mays and some oxiclean, it would be so awesome if he was made into a player and the oxiclean into a pipe bomb

    billy mays:

    o and it'd be cool if you made the fallen survivors into nazi zombies :D

  25. @mtragnarak...LOL I think I can make that happen :)

  26. heya cupcake, i found some SF4 model, and since ya making some SF4 to l4d2 what about this cammy ?
    Thread with some pics of the models:
    The download link

  27. @mazzi: that would be a little difficult considering there's over 50 different cammies in that pack XD

  28. Realy dude, 50 cammys ? Holy sh**, i thought it was only the models on the first thread

  29. @mazzi: yeah just download it here and you'll see what I mean

    @cupcake: found two more good ones dante from devil may cry and his ebony$ivory guns

    ebony & ivory:

    dante: (at least I think this is a ragdoll:/)

  30. Cupcake, is there any way of you making a Revolver to replace the magnum on l4d2 ?

  31. ok, so adding to the list...
    billy mays
    and coming soon...
    soap and ghost (in progress now)

  32. Cupcake could you by any chance replace a melee weapon like the katana with this model of the death note and ellis with L

  33. @gamefreak: the death note would be kinda weird considering you have to write in it to kill someone and there's no sweps for that... and l there is no ragdoll for it so I don't think cupcake can do L.

  34. @John: I know you need to write somebodys name but it just seems like an awesome thing to have in game. About the L request though if i cant do it without a ragdoll if i supply one do you think by any chance Cupcake could

  35. Hi Mr. Lanky / Cupcake.

    I was told by your friend to find you here and so here I am.

    I would love to use your Jessica and Alyx replacements for Rochelle, and I was told that the problems with the eyes missing textures (and the one other Jessica appearing like she's missing eyes completely) was a fixable problem and was curious if this is true and if you have any future updates planned for those specific add-ons?

    Kind regards,

  36. (Seeing as this is the new request page i'll copy/paste this from the old one) Hey guys, my Samurai Edge reskin has been updated to make it more closer to the original. You can download it from the above list (the current screenshot is the older version) I hope you guys enjoy it!

  37. I am trying to direct request traffic to this thread speficifly for MrLanky/Cupcake/whoever wants to try modeling for us folks who don't have the skills :)

    Try to just have 1 request per person, making these models takes a lot of time and when 1 person wants 8 different Resident Evil models or something... ...It gets a little out of hand.


  38. can u make a survivor model of Halo Arbitor for ellis?


  39. Some requests found on my steam group...
    1. Scooby Doo team: Wilma,Shaggy,Velma and Fred.
    2. Cheerleader skin for either games female survivor.
    3. Star Trek outfits, (you know, 3 red shirts and a gold shirt hehe.

    master chief WITH HANDS:


    and arbitor:
    I liked the MW2 Models, i even tried to do models by myself, but i am to stupid for this xD. But i want these Models ,(Mainly the second guy from the left side , For Ellis)

    So mybe if some one is interessted in putting this team ingame i would apreaciated , hope that was right in speaking ^^

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  41. Hello. I was wondering if you could make a WEsker model in his S.T.A.R.S. uniform for coach.

    You should be able to fine it here.

    Thank you for your time.

  42. And I thought we finally got RE requesting off our minds, especially ones that were already requested.

    Can you do the regular Combine Overwatch soldiers in Half Life 2 for survivors? 1 Elite, 1 Normal soldier, 1 Prison Guard, 1 metrocop or shotgunner?

  43. Man, i'm starting to believe that no one is gonna stop with the RE requests

  44. @gamefreak....there aren't any L ragdolls that I know of so that wouldn't work...also, if I did the book, all you could do would be to hit someone over the head with it lol...

    @ryan...yes, it's fixable, and yes I plan on fixing it one day...but as you can see I get a lot of model requests and those keep me pretty busy...

    @shawn....added to list

    @giovanni...yeah I can probably do that ;)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Okay, good to know and hear, thanks. I look forward to seeing Jessica fixed. Coincidentally I just got Sin Emergence and enjoy it, it'd be nice to have her working correctly in Left 4 Dead 2. :) That's my only "request", although I don't really consider it a request since it's an all ready existing model. ;)

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  48. Mr. Lanky & Cupcake, great work! your models are awesome!

    Could you make a model of Claire Redfield from RE2 to replace Rochelle's?

    PS: Is there any way to use Leon's RE4 Model with Ellis? Cause I'd like to play with RE5 Chris and RE4 Leon at the same time, but both models are for Nick. Thanks.

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  50. The Morpheus RE Request proves my teory that no one is going to stop with the RE requests. :)

    @Morpheus "Mr. Lanky & Cupcake" mr.lanky and cupcake are the same person

    @Cupcake Could you post here a way to fix the rochelle_alyx eyes ? i think its kinda weird to have a female survivor with the Black-purple eyes (non textured eyes)

  51. @Cupcake - Hey bro thanks for not giving up on everyone, haha... I can only imagine how much work this stuff takes, and when people ask for more than 1 thing I cringe every time I read it. I just hope someone else can step in and help you out. You need an apprentice!

  52. Actually this is more of a question then a request, but is it possible to make the team fortress characters as playable models?

  53. I see there are a few re4 models and they look really good! Anyone could make Ashley and Ada too? I would love to see them in l4d2, thanks :)

  54. No more RE requests pls people... :)

  55. How about Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes?

    *Full pack here has a beam saber that might make a fun melee replacement:

    Replacement for Nick would fit best.

  56. Hey could you make a infected replacement if so could you replace the witch with F.E.A.R.'s young alma

  57. GHOST(replaces ellis with ghost...from codmw2 i believe)

    SOAP(replaces nick with soap...from codmw2 i believe)

    As always, let me know any problems you find with them.
    Next one(s) should be up this weekend...last weekend I slacked cause of the 4th of july holiday and all... :)
    Also, some time in the next 2-3 weeks look for some eye fixes too

  58. @Mcconnact...yes i believe it is possible...and i believe the models are already available somewhere on sure i've seen them around anyhoo

    @morpheus...there was a previous posting by someone about renaming/altering the files to make them individual files for new models...the same principle applies to changing them to another character as might try to look up those instructions and try it as it will be a while before I can do anything like that since I'm backed up with new models...the instructions are on the blog here somewhere, possibly in the previous thread...

    @overflag7...i'll take a look and see what I can do for ya

    @giovanni...I could post the instructions but unfortunately they are slightly different for some of the characters, because as it turns out, different things are causing it in different cases...I'm looking into it as I get time and plan on releasing some fixes in the not too distant future...will keep you informed. :)

  59. Can you do a replacement with L4D2 zombies? Nick can be a CEDA, coach can be a Riot zombie, Ellis can be a Clown, and rochelle can just be a female zombie. If its possible, though.

  60. Omg Cupcake the models are flawless! Thank you so much! I love it. :D

  61. why nick_cturban is missing textures ?

  62. Dear cupcake,im thankful that you do this for us, and i would hate to be a bother, but I was wondering if you could do this one for the tank, its a werewolf model, i think its from Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines:
    The original site it came from didnt have any pictures, so i took some on my own.
    as you can see, its huge, theres something funny about the mouth, and it also cant wait to nom on rochelle :)

    anyways, thanks for your time, I know your busy, and that you would rather be doing other stuff with your time than doing this for us, but dont worry, if you dont want to, or are to busy, or wantever, thats ok, and I understand.
    Peace, Bryan

  63. Hey Cupcake, Could you make this model into a replacement for nick?

    (it's kermite the frog)

  64. hey found an old black lagoon pistol for cs comes with both the models and the skin. would look way better than the in game one

  65. Actually john the beretta model you posted has already been ported by Cupcake, it just doesn't have the same texture. You can get it with the Black Lagoon texture here (

  66. @tribalizer: it's not the same at all :/ the model is completely different and kinda big... plus it's suppose to be dual wielding handguns not a slow shooting magnum. watch this vid and you'll see the difference

  67. hey man
    can you make it Miku Hatsune for Rochelle ?
    like that ↓
    link of the model ↓
    Ignore my other requests =/
    all the RE requests

  68. how is everyone signing back into there l4dmods account I've seen at least ten people back on, but for some reason I can't

  69. maybe an update to the swat survivors pack with these models.

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  71. Hey Cupcake! I know you probably have a Hell of a lot of requests, but if you can, d'you think you could make this one?
    I was surprised no-one had asked for a Silent Hill set before.
    Do your best! Love your work! XD
    (Personally, from the set I'd like it if you could make Pyramid Head, A Nurse, Heather and a Closer. Hope I'm not pushing it... :P)

  72. Hi! Can you please make Lucas Kane from Indigo Prophecy for Ellis if you have some free time? Thanks!

  73. hey cupcake in my last request i wasn't clear when so i'll ask again clarifying what i mean could you replace the witch with alma in the dress thanks in advance if you can

  74. Can you vpk the Ellis from here?

    hard-boiled ellis, the cool one in the pic with the vest?


  75. Just like in the Killing Floor crossover video.

    Could you change the infected into the Killing Floor models?

    You don't need to bother with the specials, just seeing that many running Clots and Stalkers is enough to scare the living crap out of me. Thanks!

  76. @ Dynamo . This badass ellis, doesn't exists, believe me i know that, but This "Hard-boiled" ellis, its just a reskin of ellis, this ellis reskin its just an ellis with gloves,beard,and aparently one blind eye

    (ignore my bad english)

  77. @hunk, oh didnt realise thanks for clearing that up. Still, i cant find a vpk of either Ellis, so if the vest badass ellis is impossible to do then i;d still settle for the hard-boiled one :D

    btw found a garrysmod link for hardboiled ellis

    thanks again

  78. @dynamo The Hard-boiled ellis is just a reskin nothing else

    @Cupcake i was looking for some cool models on gmodfiles and facepunch, and then i found a splinter cell conviction Sam Fisher, i believe this model would be a Great replacement for nick

    Sam Fisher Splinter cell conviction

  79. Renamon and Lucario would both be hilarious to play with in this game. Please!

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. added to list(in no particular order):
    kermit the frog
    sam F
    werewolf(if it works ok it might not)
    and maybe a couple more...real life caught up with me lately and been finishing up that stuff...will hopefully get back to the mods some time this week. thanks for understanding :)

  82. Stop the RE requests? Why? I would really love to see an action-packed RE game, even when it's just an modification of another game, so, no, I won't stop asking for RE requests.

  83. At least it isn't Pokemon requests :)

  84. I got another request, and nope, it isn't RE this time, it's Silent Hill.
    Could you replace Ellis with Henry Townshend from SH4?
    And replace coach with James Sunderland from SH2?

    I also really would love that nick will be replaces by my favorite Silent Hill character Alex Shepherd, sadly, I don't have a link for him, i'll search around the net for him, until then peace out and keep up the good work.

  85. @Basejumper212 Just pick 1 request please.

  86. I'll rather choose the Silent Hill request, I'll remove the other comment, Sorry about this mis-understanding.

  87. @Basejumper212: While you were asking for RE models, you shoulda asked for the boulder from RE5

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  89. @Bringerzl: Yeah, I should of, and thanks cupcake that it is on your to-do list, I'll look at the site everyday for any updates, and Cupcake, do you even have Alex Shepherd?

  90. Hello cupcake,sorry to bother you its me valvoga
    Umm cupcake have you port squall,cloud advent children and sephiroth i sent you ?
    A friendly reminder never hurt right my friend
    If you're busy its all right cupcake my friend,i know you're a busy man,so take your time porting cloud,squall and sephiroth from final fantasy dissidia,take it easy my friend
    Thanks a lot for your attention cupcake

  91. Hi Cupcake,I gonna make a nig request
    All I want is Tank>Big Daddy,Hunter>Alien(the one from Alien VS Predator)
    And the Ghost from FEAR2 replace the witch
    I also want some WWE charactors replace Coach
    However I don't know where to find those models for you...
    I wish you might able to make them...Take it easy, just do it anytime you like
    Thank you very much!

  92. wow I found some links which might help
    Big Daddy
    Almas (Ghost from FEAR2)(prefer the middle one)

  93. Please guys try to limit requests to 1 model...

  94. I know, sorry about that...
    I was thinking should I make it like 4 requests or just make it 1, so everything would be clean and neat, and I know I shouldn't ask for more than 1 I wish Cupcake to doit whenever he wants to...
    but still... I'm sorry

  95. @valvoga...I have done squall and cloud so far(were those the right ones?)..i'll try to squeeze out sephiroth in the near future :)

  96. @Kin Wai
    I already requested the dress alma more then likely he wont make 2 of the same character

  97. Umm cupcake those cloud and squall isn't the right one sorry cupcake my friend
    Here is the link for cloud and squall dissidia model
    Please port it if you have time cupcake my friend and take it easy i know you're a very busy man,just take it easy my friend

  98. ^ You russian :p? Just wondering, my friend.

  99. jeez you guys know you can stop overloading him with requests, let him finish whats on his plate, then he can go for seconds if he likes.

  100. hey cupcake,could you make an M14 ebr skin for the hunting rifle? just like that in killing floor? here's a picture for easy reference:

  101. Yeah i agree with toxic madn3ss,please don't overload cupcake with request because modder is not a modding machine cupcake have his own live too

  102. yeah, i am really behind on the requests as it is, so just bare in mind that it's going to take a while for me to get to the newer ones as I still have bunches of old ones to attend to.
    I will get to everything eventually, but it takes time, so bare with me. I'm down to about 1 a week right now becuase of real life obligtions, hopefully by the end of this week I can get that up to 2 a week...anyhoo, just a brief progress report. ;)

  103. hey, just wanted to say what really nice work you've done so far! keep up the good work!

  104. UPDATE:
    I'm gonna try to get a few fixes done this week since they should *hopefully* takes less time to do.
    1st fix is done-cturban(soldier nick) is updated on my site and I've sent ubtri the updated file as well.
    Fixes include(but are not necessarily limited to): all textures now show(yes, no more purple & black visor lol), hands have been replaced with hands that have fingers(originals did not), and bone weights have all been tweaked to make the anims work better with him(think i fixed all the glitches, but let me know any you find). So that's 1 down and several to go. Will post updates as others get done.
    Thought you guys would like a few fixes since they have been on the back burner for so long...
    and as always, Enjoy!

  105. Whoah Ct Urban Looks Really Awesome Now
    Nice ! :D

  106. UPDATE:
    Gordon Freeman Fix is up on my site and ubtri has the new file & preview as well.
    Fixes include(but are not necessarily limited to): Eyemaps are fixed so he has eyes now, all bone weights were tweaked to make the anims look a bit better, a couple of map files were optimized, etc. Anyways, he seems to work and look a lot better now, but let me know if you find anything major that I missed. Will probably fix a couple of the girls next so stay tuned...and as always, enjoy!

  107. Hi cupcake, I'm just wondering is there a easy way the I can do it myself to change the model replacement from Coach to Nick? like Wesker and Barry model I prefer Barry replace Coach and Wesker replace Nick, but I know you already are having a big day, so is there a way that I can do that myself? a easy way? I'm a mod noob..

  108. UPDATE:
    Alyx from hl2 fix posted here and to my site.
    Fixes include...bone weights(although still not entirely happy), eyemaps(although still not entirely happy), and generaly bone weights(shoulders are still not as smooth as I'd like, neither are hands...sigh). Overall it's a good improvement although as you can tell I would still like for it to be better...will probably go back and tweak it more at a later date, but for now this should do nicely. Enjoy

    @Kin Wai...yes, it can be done, but there is some work involved as you have to do a bit of renaming of files, which means you would have to extract from the vpk then build another vpk later, so not easy unless you're familiar with doing that...there are some info in the old thread if you wanna go back and look at that.

  109. @Cupcake-Dude way to go ur knocking out update like one every couple days thats awesome dude keep up the amazing work

  110. alyx look aweeeeeeeeesome in game cupcake
    Thanks for all of your hardwork
    Oh yeah cupcake do you watch anime ?

  111. Hey guys just wanted to ask a favor, what with all the requests I have one of the patrons, please entertain the notion of clicking an ad or two on my site once in a while :)

  112. hi cupcake. I just tried to extract the ellis_barry.vpk and changed all "mechanic" to "coach" and all "Ellis" to "Coach"
    and then I build a vpk by using vpk.exe in the bin folder, but all I got is coach become nothing, i mean totally invisable, anything I did wrong?

  113. @Kin Kwai... If i'm not wrong you failed on this, just renaming some of the file doesn't work at all, you will need to have the Barry model from Garry's or and then follow the da1barker "How to create player replacements tutorial" ( Or something like that),

    PS : I discovered that just renaming some files and removing the addoninfo.txt, i could make some server side characters, and then i edited a pluginand added the server side and then "BAM" it worked, now i have 14 diferent survivors :)
    Here's a video :

  114. Hey.
    I ported a New model for the Charger.
    Big daddy (Biochock 1)
    would you like to put it on your page?

    ps. the Ragdoll is fucked up.
    if you cant stand it just delete ragdoll.smd

    write back to my hotmail account.

    Love /// Sonicddevill

  115. oh.. by the way.
    how long have you gotten on the big Daddy Tank?

    if you havent started yet and need a hand i could probobly help out.
    im kind of a n00b at this but i think my big daddy charger went great...
    but i cant change the animation so the Daddy will still run like a gorilla if thats ok XD

    Hugs /// Sonicddevill

  116. @robin dude i use ur big daddy charger all the time its my fav add-on. Idk wut ur talking about a noob couldnt do that and if u could do the tank to that would be epic but heres a thought make it a rosie instead of a bouncer just a thought if not thats cool but yeah good luck and i hope cupcake says its cool

  117. XD
    I havent relesed the charger Daddy yet XD
    made it 2 days ago.
    didnt know there was one already out there.
    well that sux XD thanks for telling me thou.
    working on a boo jocky right now (mario 64)
    Whant to try it out?

    ps. ya if cupcake is ok with it ill try to make a big Daddy tank.
    but i cant promis any thing XD

    Ya.... its even the same model..... T.T
    Thats 3 days wasted XD
    and the ragdoll is ok for this one... Darn.. ^o^
    going to some Research next time XD hahah

  118. Yay!
    My Boo model is as good as done!
    any one want to Beta test it?

    Its not perfect, also I'm still a N00b at this. XD
    Give me your email and ill send it to ya Gamefreak. And if you like it ill give it to Cupcake

  119. Hey cupcake,just a reminder:" hey cupcake,could you make an M14 ebr skin for the hunting rifle? just like that in killing floor? here's a picture for easy reference:"

  120. Could you please do this: for Ellis
    the L4D2 Plantation Worker (guy with the headphones that don't react to pipebombs) for Nick
    and Riot Cop for Coach?
    Thanks in advance.

  121. @valvoga...heck yeah i watch anime, right now watching fairytail and one piece

    @kin...could be either the maps are not pointed to the correct location, or more likely, you need to open the model files up in notepad++ and edit the name there to. this is probably what is wrong ;) it's not a perfect science though...also what giovanni said works well too.

    @robin...sure go ahead and do the big daddy tank...I could always use some help getting all these done lol and you can email me if you need any help, etc. :)

    @akantor-Unit...right now the hunting rifle isn't working right when I mod it...the hands go backwards and i haven't yet figured out that's the hold up on that one...just trying to figure out how to make the hands be normal

    @campin carl...yeah i can add that hev suit with helmet to my list...shouldn't be too difficult....there is already a plugin that let's you play the riot cop, and i'm not sure who the worker is so can't really help on those two at the moment...but i will add the helmet hev suit to my list though. :)

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. cupcake that is an awesome anime you watch there
    im a big fan of fairy tail and one piece
    Oh yeah cupcake do you watch bleach ?

  124. @Cupcake
    I'm Done with my boo model ^o^
    will you host it on your site for me?
    Only thing I don't like about it is that when you shoot it the blood doesn't show on the edges.
    is there a way to fix that? ( Between plygons or whatever its called )
    Thanx for doing this!
    you're awesome!

    ps. ya I'll do the "Rosie Tank" already have a model for him ^o^

    In the last comment I said that I whanted to work on a Alma model.
    But I couldn't figure out the vmt/vtf files (got green or blue or didn't work at all)
    so I give up on that one and leave it to the Master XD

  125. yeah robin my email is send me it and ill try it

  126. Not sure if this is possible or not but here goes.
    Any chance that we might see more of the MW2 or any military player skins and have the option to apply them to the survivor of our own choosing?

    Also just a thought for player skins:


    Brick as Coach
    Roland as Nick
    Lilith as Rochelle
    Mordecai as Ellis


    The GhostBusters
    Peter as Nick
    Ray as Ellis
    Egon as Rochelle
    Winston as Coach
    Have Slimer as a special infected
    Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as The Tank

    Sorry if this has been asked before or not possible, keep up the great work!

  127. I'm thinking if replace Coach and Nick with Kand and Lynch from this game must be awesome

    Btw I'm not requesting since my requested still not yet done so I will wait until Cupcake is free and happy to do it

    But would be nice if Cupcake or Ubtri can sum up a list what models are on the list so we won't mistakly request a since model

    Keep the good work and good day! Respect!

  128. I just found that the SWAT addon doesn't work
    and I tried to extract the VPK, then I rebuild another VPK without the "resource" folder and tried again. It works again
    just for let anyone who interest to know

  129. @Robert Don't you think that you are asking too much from Cupcake ? He isn't a mod-making-achine,i mean you're asking too much from him. And to make these mods you will have to give him a link for the models

  130. Hi guys, new blog post for you all to leave comments on from now on (this one is getting pretty long!)

  131. @Kin Wai - Think you could upload it to sendspace for me? I'll upload the fix to my server.

  132. Hey can you post bad company from battlefiled :D Tha'd be awesome!