Monday, June 28, 2010

[GTA IV] [Random Parts 2 & 3] [Patch 7 w/ RealityIV + InGameTrainer]

Song by DAT Politics -- Buy all their albums!

I killed Dwayne instead of PlayboyX ... Kinda regretted my decision at the time but that's what happens when ur a cold blooded killer who prefers that $$$!

Just testing RealityIV, a very nice graphics enhancing MOD by DKTronics70

I recommend you subscribe to him for the latest downloads/updates on his project RealityIV!

Intro is from a Korean movie called "Take Care of my Cat"

2nd song is by Jerohme Spye & is free to download @

3rd song is by Goblinglasses, (clearly a Beatle's loop with tons of reverb) also free to download @


Latest ASI Loader ("YAASIL" - works in patch7 for InGame Trainer/Simple Trainer/some other scripts) @

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