Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dead Island - PC - MOD Pack Download - Enhanced Character Regen, Jump, Combat, Healing, Money, Zombies, Environment and Better Graphics

This MOD Pack Improves Character Health & Stamina Regen, Jump, Run/Swim/Crouch/Carry Speeds, All Combat types Improved, More Money, Zombie Levels Increased to compensate ease of Gameplay, Off and On Rainy Weather & Cloudy Skies, Better Graphics with SSAO at 4x @ 1280x720 Resolution (looks great full-screened on a 1920x1080 Display), & More...
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NOTICE: Single Player only. Likely not VAC friendly.

DEAD ISLAND - PC Modifications


I've incorporated many mods found at the following forum,

Included in this MOD:
"more money, more ammo, more guns" MOD by Akumos,
"Increased Loot Payout" MOD by Jano Ris,
"Zombies Don't Drown" MOD by Zprime/t13,
"Disabled Weapon Refraction, Bloom, Dust & Less Fog & Auto-Equip Fix" by fabrock,
"(tweaked) Improved Keyboard / Mouse Responsiveness" by NinjaNerdBGM,
"Increased Effectiveness on Opening Doors" by Hunterbrute,
"George Romero Zombies MOD" by Beseron
(I only borrowed from this MOD by increasing Zombie's damage resistance in their limbs & torso, needing a propper shot in the head to take them down!)
"Ghastly User Interface MOD" by Marvyra,
"Upgraded Inventory Stacks MOD" by lapdragon,
"Dynamic day / night cycle in morseby city mod " by dead-deadisland,
"Day & Night Cycle The Resort ( Final Version & unlimited flashlight mod)" by dead-deadisland,

* Denotes Updates!

My edits:
*Fixed Negative damage on weapons at higher levels!
*Act01 Shops now have better weapons for sale!
*Improved Regeneration! Just purchase skills as normal to unlock!
*Zombies no longer grab you!
Tweaked zombies for realism and added difficulty
Increased Zombie Spawns, their attention spans & Speed!
It's gonna take headshots to take these zombies down! Zombies still come at you even with no arms!
Tweaked Punching to have a little more reach & damage,
Raised Zombie Levels for for a slight boost to challenge,
Tweaked FireArm Aim for better headshot-action,
Revamped All elements of combat weapon types; increasing critical chances,
Removed Stamina cost on most everything including Sprint,
Fine-tuned Mouse Aim Sensitivity, Fixed issue with XBox360 Controller,
FOV is 82.5, Graphics Increased beyond normal in-game max settings
(If you wish to keep your video settings DO NOT COPY my \Settings folder),
Increased distance before DOF Blur takes effect,
Increased Regeneration & Stamina amount/activation moderately,
Increased Blunt/Cut/Gun weapon type Durabilities by 500%,
Increased Jump Height, Sprint & Swim Speeds, Can carry more weight,
Increased Damage and Range of Punches & Kicks,
Increased Weapon Throw Range,
Increased Explosion Damage Radius for most explosives.


!! Download the MOD (Day/Night version in Act1 & Act2 Only) !!
!! Download the MOD (Rainy Weather version in all Acts!) !!
Install contents to Documents\DeadIsland\out folder! -- If you do not want my Video settings do not copy over the "Settings" folder.
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  1. The mod tools for the chrome engine are almost non existent. I was really hoping to do some character modding for this game. :/

  2. Great work....but i have a controller problem its fine with keyboard /mouse but my 360 controller doesn't work well all the buttons do except the right stick you can't move it works in the menu's etc....any ideas?

  3. I think I found the issue and uploaded a new version with a fix. Hope it helps..

  4. Which files are associated with the head shots being the primary way to kill the zombies? As nice as this is... it just doesn't fit with the play style that all the other mods bring to the table.

  5. In the /out Directory, just delete Vessel_data :-)
    OR, edit the following entries to your liking...

    ParamFloat("left_arm_health_influence", 0.1) //Default 1
    ParamFloat("right_arm_health_influence", 0.1) //Default 1
    ParamFloat("left_leg_health_influence", 0.01) //Default 1
    ParamFloat("right_leg_health_influence", 0.01) //Default 1
    ParamFloat("torso_front_health_influence", 0.0) //Default 1
    ParamFloat("torso_back_health_influence", 0.0) //Default 1

  6. Thanks for the mod! One question- how do I slow down my movement speed? It's a bit too fast for me now. Thanks again.

    PS- I didn't find a thread on Steam Forums for just this mod. Maybe I missed it?

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  8. Here's my response to ya,

  9. Hello, is there a way to cancel the weather mod ? Cause it's always changing, you have 15 seconds of rain then sun, then rain again after 5 seconds... weird.
    Thanks for the mod :)

  10. Hey, thanks for the feedback. I was contemplating using the "Horror Weather" MOD instead, for that constant gloomy feel.. If you wanted to try that, it would replace the weather files in the current mod pack.

    If you just want the normal default weather, go to \%user%\Documents\DeadIsland\Out\Data
    Delete the following file: weathers.scr

    Then in this directory, \%user%\Documents\DeadIsland\Out\Data\Scripts
    Delete the following files: weathers.scr & weather_none.scr

  11. Hey ubtri, I downloaded the mod, but I can't run it, It kept crashing my game... Any thought? I'm running in 1.2.0. And my spec is i7-960, GTX 580 x2 SLi, 12gig ram.

  12. could be the update.. are you installing these files to your \%user%\MyDocuments\DeadIsland\Out\ folder? If so, deleting the files you copied there should fix your game... Not sure why it wouldn't work for patch 1.2+

  13. how do i stop it from crashing my pc?

  14. Ubtri, I'm not sure what your talking about, so do you mean, I delete the files and put it into the out folder again? Or are you saying that, to not to use the mod? Just wondering are you going to make a mod competable for 1.2?

  15. okay guys, the addition of zombie spawns is the problem I believe, so delete the \Maps\ folder, and in the data folder delete the file "ai_props.scr" also re-download the mod for the updated version

  16. Just wondering how to uninstall the mod? I didn't backup my out folder like a total idiot!! Great Mod by the way.

  17. just delete the files you copied over. use the original .rar file you downloaded to see what those contents are to remove :-)

  18. ubtri, I tried doing what you told Brian about the damage on the zombies. The damage on the limbs stay the same. Is it really the vessel_data.scr that I need to modify or delete?
    Thanks for this by the way :)

  19. so i dont have any files in my Documents folder i just installed it to my program files.... and i tried to paste it in there but theres no please

  20. just want to ask if i install this mod and use it do i get VAC ban ?

  21. hey how can I decrease weapons durability?

  22. hey very good job man, bu i have question: there is a way to disable ANY graphic change? i just want only the gameplay changes included in this amazing mod.

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  24. Tried it out; seems a bit overpowered. Being able to sprint at lightning speeds and jump over enemies while taking them out in 2-3 hits takes all the challenge out of the game.

  25. This is REALLY great. It was too easy once I took out the headshots, but I used your fix to put things back to one, and now it's good. Is the default head damage 1, 5, or 10?

    Also, I use a mod to unlock skills, but that conflicts with a bigger backpack. Any way you could combine those two? *Hope*

    Thanks for all your work.

  26. Also if you don't mind... Which part can we delete to make weapon damage normal, but keep the crit chance?

  27. I am having issues, specifically with the weapons, IE Anything NOT found in act 1 has ZERO damage >.> And any Melee greater than Common has ZERO damage. Is this a problem others have or is something corrupting it somehow on my end? Please Advise

  28. I found how to get it to work with V 1.30. Open Inventory_Gen in notepad, down towards end of list right above weapons is the level list. Copy lvl 50 ten times and then modify the two top numbers by 21 to keep the upgrades in line with the previous ones.

  29. The co-op works if both players install the mod?

  30. So I have just installed the mod, love it. But i have a problem, I sold an item one day and it made me have $0...I cant get my money back...Please help?

  31. This will be my first time trying the mod, thanks for putting a new lease of life into this game for us. :D

  32. I am suddenly invincible except when I play as Xian. Why is this? How do I fix this?

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  34. hello.everything is cool,on coop working fine...just i very missing the day and night in act 3a-3b.i hope so that you can create it.thanks for mod pack.

  35. @Saulius: Hey! Thanks for the responses. I did not create the Day/Night cycle mod, however I now offer a 2nd version of the mod pack you can download (up above in the post) that has rainy weather randomly throughout all the Acts!

    @Zachary: If you do not want the health regeneration (invincibility), simply go to where you installed the mod, in the data/skills/ folder, delete all the files except default_levels. Regarding Xian.. That's strange. Have you purchased any skills yet? The health regeneration is unlockable with the purchase of any skill.

  36. Hrm, @Zachary: Sorry but I see what you mean now. Yes it seems Xian is the only character without the skills edited in the mod. I need their skills.xml file if anyone can post me a link to download it, then I will edit and include it in the mod.

  37. hey where can i download this i joined the group and looked all over but just cant download it

  38. I really love this game , i appreiate to share with us Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 thank's a lot

  39. When I try to install this mod the game is crashing at start-up, any fixes?


  40. The flashlight wont turn off at all. :(

  41. I can't get this mod to download. Any suggestions?

  42. Those whom want this mod pack still can get it from :*/ (when clicking 31st August it should start downloading!)

    1. Dude, you are smart as hell for finding that. Thank you!