Friday, August 26, 2011

Custom Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor Model Downloads

  • Download my L4D (1&2) autoexec config
    ("F9" Toggles 3RD Person Modes)

  • I am no longer able to host downloads for the mods, however most can still be downloaded from MrLanky's website or from L4DMaps


    1. I love your Famas weapon mod!

      But I downloaded it here and it has no hands, and the one from has hands but the muzzle flash is in the wrong place.

      Can you point me to a download that has both things correct? (I don't really care about the invisible clip)

      Or point me to a place where I can learn to add the hands myself?

    2. Hello,

      Can these skins be server side? I run a server with more than 8 players - would love the extra characters to have different skins instead of duplicates..


    3. One more thing.... would also love to have a custom weapon on the server with a high damage count - the aa-12 - as found on this video here (around 30 seconds in).

      How do I go about doing this for everyone? Keep up the good work!

    4. Hey Ubtri your friend, barker, gave this link to me, i need to talk to u, can u add me? or send me email?

    5. guys please help me i always get the server thingie saying to do about the hunter (werewolf) MOD and cant get it to work please help

    6. have a skin problem, I downloaded but not installed on the L4D2 me, any help?

    7. How about the Black ops survivors? I'd love to see that. The best setup would probly be Richtofen: Rochelle, Dempsey: Nick Nikolai: ellis, Takeo: coach

    8. I don't know if you're still converting models considering the last time I talked to you was two years ago but could you please do this for me:

      I finally found an aya brea model from 3rd birthday to use for a replacement but it's for gta games can you please import her over zoey or over coach so we can have her in game along with claire