Monday, September 6, 2010

[GTA IV: EFLC - TLaD] Random Gameplay with RealityIV v1.41 - PC Patch 7

First, the music is by "Macc and Dgohn",
buy their album here.

Second, I'm still using InGame Trainer even though the weapon/clothing select only functions properly in GTA IV, not EFLC. I would switch to SNT if it's buttons didn't conflict with my config.

Third, if you own GTA IV, EFLC, etc on PC, you MUST check out DKTronics70's RealityIV MOD. I personally hated the stock lighting and environments in the game and this mod really makes everything brighter and more realistic. I personally use an older version of his mod with a newer version of his shaders, but you can try his latest release (and even find his older releases) via his videos @

Here's my link for it (includes DKT70's updated shaders)

Here's some screenshots of his upcoming texture MOD

(click on image to enlarge)

(New pics) New Storefronts

Street re-textures...

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