Monday, May 31, 2010

[GTA IV] [RealityIV + RealizmIV + Random Custom MODs] [PC]

The creator of the new RealityIV MOD is kindly allowing people to test it, you can find the download link in his original video's info @
I am testing version of the RealityIV MOD, with standard rain.

Song is by The Evolution Control Committee


  1. wow, that actually looks pretty cool. does it eat a lot more resources than the regular game does or about the same?

  2. same, I felt no difference. What kills my FPS is that ENB mod, so I don't use it

  3. Hey Ubtri nice work I really some help please, If you could help me explain or just by writing down how to install Realizm + Reality .... look what im doing is I first install a fresh copy of gtaIV then I install all patches from 1 to 7 then I copy the xliveless - v0.999b7 (patch and the crack for patches 7 then I copy the realismIV after that realityIV but when I run the GTA it crashed after black screen .. I dont think im doing somewrong please help me or if u could explain what im doing wrong or ?