Thursday, April 22, 2010

[L4D2] [DLC "The Passing"] [Downloadable Content] [Left 4 Dead 2 PC Max Settings]

Downloadable content from Valve for Left 4 Dead 2, called "The Passing". This is a 3 map campaign (big whoop). A new mode, called Mutations, which has a weekly theme of blending 2 modes together per week for an entire week of new gameplay experience. They started us off with Realism + Versus.

The addition of new common zombie skins is nice. That much I like. It gives mappers a chance to diversify their campaign zombie populations. The use of original L4D characters (Dead Bill, Louis, Francis and Zoey) was kinda cool. I liked how we got some cover fire from them during the campaign finale.

I tried not to spoil too much with this video, and I apologize for the sloppy zoom editing starts (wtf Camtasia!)

Song is a remix of a Miss Kitten song. Unfortunately it's about the only Miss Kitten song that I don't hate, maybe because of the remix artist doing such a relaxing treatment to it.


  1. Custom skins don't work anymore after update. I hope a fix soon... :-/

  2. Yes, it's unfortunate that custom skins and models are broken. It also caused a LOT of pain for people like myself who run a server, especially those with sourcemod and metamod installed...thanks valve lol 0_o

  3. Maybe the addons support is not the latest version. I am curious about why valve will put the passing into another folder outside the l4d2. Are they hate us to modify the DLC? o_O

  4. I am sure it has been noticed by now, but the skins work again (thanks valve for fixing buts!)