Thursday, February 25, 2010

[Left 4 Dead 3] [JK] [l4dmaps "2019"] [Swat Survivor Models] [L4D2] [HD PC]

Just wanted to show off my new PC, it's much better than what I was use too! It's an ASUS brand, Intel Quad-Core with 8Gig DDR2 RAM & a 1G DDR2 Nvidia GeForce 220 on an AOC 23" in 1920x1080 HD.

Get the map here.

Big thanks to 1SG.Heartless for the Survivor model & cs:s weapon mod vpk's!
Check out his main project, here!

Side note:
Pause on 3:29 and that's a beautiful desktop background
(click below image to download 1658x932 jpg)


  1. Where did you get these swat survivors models?

  2. They're not currently released, but I'll keep people posted when it is.

  3. Hi ubtri,

    Thanks for posting links to download Killing Floor survivors skins and weapon sounds. But in video you have Killing Floor infected skins, music and custom sounds. Do you know if they will be available in future in a pack? It will be very nice, a big Killing Floor custom pack!