Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GTA IV: EFLC, TLaD - Contagium v1.1 - Zombie Mod - PC - Best GTA IV Zombie MOD

CONTAGIUM is the BEST GTA IV / EFLC Zombie MOD around! I couldn't get version 1.2b to run, but 1.1b worked for me. There's high hopes for this MOD, and big asperations from it's creator, Molotov!

Check out Contagium's site for more information about the mod, the future of the mod, and to download it

I am not using the xliveless dll, just scripthook.dll + contagium.asi and my GTA games are purchase via Steam, so they have the latest updates.

If you are like me, a PC gamer who loves Rockstar games + Zombies and was overwhelmingly sad to not be able to enjoy UNDEAD NIGHTMARE, then this mod is your solution!