Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dead Rising 2 - PC - ubtri's MOD Download & Info !

  • My Datafile MOD /Weapons/Money/PP/+More
    Read this Blog Post for Details & Videos!
    Download the file here.

  • This datafile MOD is not a Trainer replacement per se, there is no God Mode or ability to stop the Clock (see this working Trainer-style MOD for a slowing down the clock). Not all combo weapons have unlimited durability, thus encouraging the player to continue eating food for health, combining weapons, utilizing magazines to boost gambling/health/etc... This modification was made to replace what a trainer was doing. Trainers gave everything away at the touch of a button, now you have to get it manually and still at the mercy of the clock (unless you use above mentioned Trainer.) There's something enjoyable about having to eat, or having to get that special magazine that doubles the healing benefits. Trainers make much of the gameplay elements weak or non-existent, and this is my alternative to the use of Trainers

    Field of View (FOV) is now 60 (default is 43).

    Weapons: Most Swords and a few other Melee weapons have Unlimited Durability and increased PP per kill. Fire Arms have had their Damage, Rate of Fire, Range & Accuracy increased. Most guns have Unlimited Ammo, except for HandGun & Shotgun as they are common. Also, some guns have been turned into Automatics, such as HandGun, Shotgun & Sniper Rifle. Also, Shotgun has had it's Spread increased. Uncommon guns have a chance to be carried & dropped by a zombie. Some weapons, such as the Rocketlauncher, now fit in your inventory. Many guns have different impact effects on the Zombies. Each gun still has a unique feel, not everything is 100% accurate, but all in all expect an action-packed zombie slaughter-fest!

    Combo Weapons: Many Combo Weapons have had their Durability increased, some unlimited (so as to not ruin the gameplay element of the workbench), also Combo Weapons give a lot more PP per kill, allowing players to power level. Few Combo Weapons have Unlimited Durability, such as the Teddy Bear Sentry Gun (also fits in pocket) & Super B.F.G. (aka The Power Level Gun), which gives 5,000 PP per kill - 10k PP if you have the Combo Card!
    Additionally, most all combo weapons give 1,000 PP+, and if you posses the combo cards you can get 2 - 5x more PP.

    Skateboard: Improved Damage, Speed, Turning, & Unlimited Durability; A useful item to beat that pesky Clock & get around the maps quick!

    Money Stacks: All Money Stacks give more than they should. What was $100 laying around is now $100,000. Get Rich Quick by destroying Casino Slots (or playing them), ATM Machines & Cash Registers!

    Hummer: Increased Speed & Unlimited Durability.

    Royal Flush Coffee Kiosk: On top of the Coffee Kiosk you will find a ChainsawBike as well as Clothing Dispensers for the following: Hockey Mask, TiR Champion Jacket, TiR Suit, TiR Helmet & the Complete Arthur Armor set. You will also find the Super B.F.G., Merc Assault Rifle, M16, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Magician's Sword, Six Shooter, Shotgun, Handgun & Skateboard.

    Palisades Mall: (Entrance from Atlantica Casino) You can now find another Chainsawbike, Plate Launcher, Saddle Saw & Fireworks Bazooka.

    Helipad: New items available in Royal Flush are now on the Helipad. The item locations were added in by community member RoZoR.

    Credits go to the following:
    Jimfinlay for his Chainsaw bike addition to Royal Flush, Wizard @ deadrising2mods.proboards forum for the NPC Katana version, & gamer RoZoR for his constant testing/input/suggestions and his own additions to the MOD, such as Helipad item placements.

    *Update: Improved the following Explosives - HailMary, Freezerbomb, StickyBomb, Dynameat, Grenade, PropaneTankNails, Molotov, QueenBeeJar, Dynamite, RomanCandle & tweaked the FireworksBazooka.
    *Update: Helipad (Safehouse Rooftop) has more weapon item spawns - LMG, HandGun, Katana Sword, M16 Assault Rifle, Tesla Ball, Heliblade, Shotgun, Skateboard, Sniper Rifle and Blambow, as well as the following Dispensers - Bald, Mohawk, Hockey Mask, Kids Super Hero Mask & Costume, Mall Security Outfit, Tattered Clothes and an Orange Prison Outfit.
    *Update: Palisades Mall Entrance from Atlantica Casino now has some goodies (removed doors that do not teleport for co-op compatability)!
    *Update: Improved FireArm hit reactions (much better now!). Removed all doors from Safehouse.txt for better Co-Op compatability.
    *Update: The following Combo Weapons have been improved! I changed the Durability (some are unlimited), Damage, PP payout, and many things now fit in your Inventory: ElectricThunder, Defiler, Teslaball, Driller, BurningSkull, ElectricRake, DrillBucket, BowAndArrow Explosive, PlateLauncher, ZombieThrower, HandiChipper, Electrocutionchair, PitchforkShotgun, TeddyBearSentryGun, SnowballCannon, PortableLawnMower, CementSaw, PowerExsanguinator, FountainLizard, LaserLightSword, KnifeGloves, FlamingGloves, Heliblade, SpikedBat, ParaBlower, SuperSlicer, Spiked/Flaming Sword & Shield, Spiked MMA Gloves.
    *Update: Check out the top of the Coffee Shop Kiosk! Added M16 Assault Rifle, Skateboard, Handgun, Shotgun, SixShooter & Magician's Sword (both of which have Unlimited Durability + give much more PP per kill!) Also, increased the over-all effectiveness of the M16.
    *Update: Clothing Dispensers above Coffee Kiosk in Royal Flush are no longer embeded partially into the roof, potentially causing lag issues.
    *Update: HandGun - Increased Rate of Fire, Damage & Accuracy.

    I've modified the values of everything using defaults to start with.
    INSTRUCTIONS: Make a backup of your original /deadrising2/data/datafile.big.
    Download my MOD here! Select a new folder to extract the file too and manually copy the contents over (or select the destination of your install directory.)
    Too many edits makes this release not very DIY friendly.

    Feel free to mod this to your liking, however do credit me for my work if it is used in
    another release. Thanks, Enjoy!


    1. I want to know if I can get banned from Windows Live using this mod. Of course, I will never use it playing online (that is the reason the backup of datafile.big is recomended), I only want to know if someone had a problem with it.

    2. hey ubtri:

      We MISS YOU at we have started The DEAD RISING 2 INFITITY MODE PROJECT I was just promoted as the first moderator. Because you are someone who is a genius with mods, and you have the second to most posts, if you return, I am sure wizard will make you a moderator too!

      HUGE suggestion, the post a comment should be on top of all comments, not at bottom. I had a real tough time finding this comment box, most people would have given up.

    3. errm is there a dead rising 2 mod for left 4 dead 2? i thought i saw it now weres the LINK!

    4. Nice Work Thank You
      I Love Dead Rising 2

    5. guys can you please remake :elis ghost skin for Left 4 DEad 2? because whenever you replace elis ghost skin with the original elis become invisible

    6. Will this work with the updates? Thanks for the info.

    7. Sorry for the delayed response Eric. I just tested it and it runs great!

    8. Any chance this can work with DR2 OTR? I tried, but the game keeps crashing. Am I missing something? Cheers!

    9. Great Work!!! unfortunately one more thing, no vomiting pls??? .___. it really annoys!!!

    10. Is there a way to make the wheelchair gun unlimited? he mod works great! Thankyou!

      1. How'd you get it to work? Installed the -exe but nothing's changed in game, and if i need an unpacker for the .big file i can't find a good one, even links to gibbeds seem to be dead :x

    11. it doesn't run on windows 8.1 help please

    12. HELLO one QUESTION THIS MOD ,increases the fov?